Earth Shapers


Cost of materials + Cost of hauling

There are two factors in pricing: (a) the cost of the materials and (b) the cost to haul it to your location.

In both cases we try our best to keep costs as low as possible. However, several outside factors such as fuel prices and distance travelled will effect prices.

Haul prices

The price to haul gravel, dirt, stone and other building materials are regulated by Nova Scotia Public Works (NSPW) who review the truck haul rates in January of each year in order to determine if an increase in the truck rates is warranted. The rates will not be automatically updated annually. The review will be based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) annual percent change in Nova Scotia.

Material prices

Material typeper tonne costOrder
3/4 type 1 driveway gravel$16/tonneBuy
3 inch type 2 gravel$16/tonneBuy
1 inch clean stone$16/tonneBuy
1 1/2 clean stone$16/tonneBuy
4-8 inch clean stone$16/tonneBuy
Clean fill$16/tonneBuy